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Executive Board Meeting minutes

October 9, 2017—Attending: Trevor Menagh, Diane Snell, Janet Oliver, John Barber, Tracy Bier.

Old Business

Not discussed due to Janice’s absence.

New Business

General meeting discussion re: comments on public ability to have input on Board decisions. Trevor to set up a forum as a Google group where folks can comment on Board decisions that don’t allow time to set a meeting for discussion.

John Barber

Meeting on street ends set for later this month; trying to get dialogue with Vaughn family regarding printing of Leschi Diary and possible update. Work party scheduled for Oct. 21 at Dearborn street end again. A Parks employee has once again whacked the volunteer plantings (including a dogwood tree) at Frink Park and the Boulevard. Parks said they have no money for repairs or replacement. This is the second time that Parks has caused a loss in both plants and volunteer efforts; very discouraging especially when they can’t recognize a dogwood tree.


November newsletter deadline is Oct. 16. Staci Smith to edit this issue as well. We have lost two advertisers and need to replace to pay for newsletter. If we are doing the Spooktacular tent, we need four volunteers to take it down at 6pm on Oct. 31.

Next general meeting

Nov. 1 Felicia Cross, Crime Prevention Coordinator. 7pm.

Next Board meeting

Nov. 6 at 7pm in Technology room.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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