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A Home for Great BBQ in Seattle

There are more than a few good BBQ places in Seattle (Chuck’s Hole in the Wall, Jack’s, and Emma’s to name a few), but the recently opened Wood Shop BBQ brings amazing BBQ directly to Leschi and the Central District! Originally (and still) a food truck, Wood Shop BBQ set up shop in the CD and brings a warm family atmosphere with their large patio area and frequent live music. The bar sports a fine selection of cocktails and beer as well, but the shining jewel of the place is the BBQ itself. The brisket is especially good, and the smoked jalapeño mac and cheese is a must try, although I would love it if they made a non-spicy version for the kiddos. And just in case you are in the mood to go vegetarian at a BBQ joint, the Kale Caesar Salad is a surprisingly filling and delicious meal!

It is obvious that the owners care about their customers. Go a few times and they will start to remember your name and your orders. I love seeing places like Wood Shop BBQ crop up in the neighborhood. Gathering places with good food, good music and great people are always welcome here!

Wood Shop BBQ

2513 S. Jackson, 206-485-7381

Hours: Mondays, 4pm–12am; Tue–Fri, 11am–12am; Sat–Sun, 9am–12am

~Trevor Lalish-Menagh

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