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Sichuanese Cuisine – Best Asian Restaurant in 2011

Recently some friends invited me to join them for dinner. We ate at Sichuanese Cuisine, a Chinese restaurant in the “Little Saigon” neighborhood in a small shopping mall at the corner of 12th Avenue and S. Jackson. Four of us were celebrating a friend’s imminent departure for Washington, D.C., where he was entering the US Foreign Service.

Each person ordered a different main course, which we all shared, and the food was delicious! I recently stopped in to look at the menu and found eight pages of “House Specialties.” But we indulged in these dishes: Battered & deep fried fish with spicy peppers, chicken battered and deep fried, a broccoli dish and fantastic dumplings!

Sichuan food from Southern China is quite spicy as a rule, but any dish can be spicy or not as the customer desires.

I cannot praise the food and the service too highly. I noted that the restaurant was rated: Best Asian Restaurant in 2011. They seem to be upholding that reputation admirably in my opinion.

I hope to return often to continue exploring all of the wonderful options!

Sichuanese Cuisine

M-S: 11am-9:30pm; Sunday: 11:30am-9:30pm

1048 S. Jackson St., 206-720-1690

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