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Interim Editor found

Hello, I’m Staci Smith, and I am happy to be volunteering my services as interim Editor of the Leschi News as we eagerly await Diane Snell’s return to her post.

I am a New York City transplant who relocated to Seattle seven years ago. I was fortunate enough to call Leschi my first home in Seattle - and my Border Collie mix Pipa was fortunate that we moved immediately across the street from an entrance to the Frink park trails! The first thing people from New York want to know is how I am dealing with “The Weather.” To which I honestly and gleefully tell them it’s less rainy than in New York and you may not see a more beautiful city than Seattle in the summer. I like to cap off the conversation with a photo of the view of Mt. Rainier from my old house on 31st Ave S.

I’ve been a publicist for 16 years and have handled everything from Pharmaceutical to Arts & Culture PR, but my favorite is book publicity, which gives me a good excuse for reading a bunch of Regency Romance novels. The other side of my job involves writing and editing articles for clients, which has hopefully given me enough experience to lend a hand to the Leschi News in Diane Snell’s absence.

Though I recently moved right next door to Madrona, you can still find me in the neighborhood over thinking the wine selection at Leschi Market or hiding the covers of my cheesy romance novels while having lunch at Blue Water Bistro.

~Staci Smith

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