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The New Marina/Moorage Lease

What is envisioned by the contract lease document that was approved by Seattle City Council on August 14, 2017, is the creation of first-rate marinas that will accommodate not just the small boaters—sailboats and paddleboats, but large cabin cruisers and speedboats. The lease is for 20 years, with an option to extend for another 20 years. City Council has committed $4 million for upgrades, but Marina Management, Inc. must provide coverage of the additional costs, several million dollars.

Most of the boat slips are similar to current configuration, for vessels as long as 25-feet or 30-feet, but there will be provisions for much larger boats also. At the South Leschi moorage (below Leschi Park), there will be two 60-foot slips and two 62-foot slips. At the North Leschi moorage (north of the business community), there will be as many as 31 40- and 50-foot slips, plus one 60-foot slip, one 70-foot slip and one 80-foot slip.

There will also be over 1500 feet of space for transient and overnight moorage, and provision for up to 10 liveaboard vessels. Four pump-out stations (sewerage from boats) will be provided at the South Leschi Moorage, and two pump-out stations at the North Leschi Moorage.

The economics of this marina development requires larger boats to provide sufficient rental income to cover the smaller boats. Rents for the small boats would be capped at the current rate at the Leschi public moorages, plus an inflation factor. The rental rates for boats over 30-feet in length will be higher at the market rates (comparable to other local marinas).

Other public benefits listed in the lease are accessibility to the public during the park hours, creation of overwater and upland park spaces that did not exist, and a new accessible breakwater at the North Leschi Moorage. Marine Management will engage the community in programs and activities for the boating public and the community.