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Moorage Meeting

Leschi CC meets Wednesday to hear and discuss changes to our treasured marinas. Leschi’s public marinas are ripe for change. Docks and floats are crumbling and even sinking.

On Wednesday, we will hear what the Parks Department and Marina Management, Inc. (a firm that will be contracted to construct and manage the marinas for the next 20-plus years) will present concepts and proposals and describe the path ahead for a new vision of the marinas.

During the City Council deliberations this summer, the Leschi Community Council delineated several issues of community concern:

  • Public health (quality of the Lake waters for swimmers)

  • Public safety (impact of speedboats of other recreational users of the Lake)

  • Public access to the marina

  • The leasing of excess parkland that includes the parking lots and the park areas by shore

  • Affordability for the small boat users

  • Environmental issues

~John Barber

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