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Executive Board Meeting minutes

August 7, 2017—Attending: Trevor Menagh, Janet Oliver, John Barber, Tracy Bier, Diane Snell. Vice-President Trevor presided as Janice had a conflict.


Janet has entered all financial activity to date and will provide a report for the newsletter. She was asked to review the ArtWalk, as they should not be in deficit.


Janice’s agenda items to be moved to September meeting in her absence.


John working on reviewing the moorage contract at the September meeting. He asked for those who are able to attend the Thursday City Council meeting to try to get the committee to hold a community meeting before they vote on the contract. Janice and Tracy said they could attend. John also concerned about the lack of monitoring of water quality as they do at swimming beaches. There are always young people swimming in the Marina area and yet we have no tests of the water.

East Precinct

Halfway through the meeting, we had a visitor, Susan Nemhard, who is collecting data for the East Precinct in collaboration between Seattle U and the East Precinct. She treated us as one of her focus groups and asked each to explain how safe we feel in our neighborhood.


Newsletter deadline 8/21. Kirsten remains as production designer. Will advertise for an editor especially for October, to cover Diane’s surgery and recovery period.

Diane wants a volunteer on 8/29 to help with labels on the newsletter as Janice has close to 200 new names for folks who moved into Leschi in the past two years.

We need to re-think the October meeting, as the Seattle Neighborhood Coalition will be hosting the candidates for Mayor and City Council.

We are asking Board members to sign up for the Leschi CC info table at the ArtWalk. List to be sent out by email.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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