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Executive Board Meeting minutes

July 10, 2017—Attending: Janice Brown, John Barber, Janet Oliver, Diane Snell (a quorum just barely!)


June 30 is the end of the LCC fiscal year and Janet has input all the revenue and expenses through June so report up to date.


Hoping to hold a logo contest to select a logo for Leschi. Our A-frame signs don’t seem to be specific enough; they indicate community meeting but not that it is a LCC meeting. Janice was able to pull all home sales within the last 2 years in Leschi so we will have names and labels. Janice is going to the CANDC meeting with Patrick Kane who in interested in attending these meetings.


September 6 will be first meeting in the new 10-month series; Parks tentatively agreed to attend to discuss the marina contract. John was urging a letter to Parks to request that the wading pools be filled; Janet said she saw that the Powell Barnett pool was filled and children were splashing around. John said he would check with Parks on wading pool issue as we have received different info from different folks.


  • Janice plans to attend the East Precinct Picnic LCC info table. John volunteered for an hour in the afternoon. Janet will be out of town.

  • Wade Vaughn Memorial: John agreed to work with family on how to spend the memorial funds—what they feel would be appropriate. They liked the idea of a bench at a Pearl Streetend but SDOT has given new benches for each site.

  • CD decision; postponed until Jeff present.

  • ArtWalk: Diane applying for Leschi Park permit. Vendors will be on sidewalk by the businesses. Non-profits and kids activities in Park.

  • Need updated Board info for website and September newsletter.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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