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String of Pearls — Celebrating 20 years with a community Work Party

Join your friends and neighbors on Saturday, June 17, 10am-12pm, for a fun and impactful neighborhood work party! We will start at Charles Street (Lakeside Avenue S and S Charles Street) and then move to Dearborn, Norman, Judkins and King streets as time allows.

Bring long sleeve shirts, gloves, work pants, protective eye wear and your own water, tools, shovels, clippers, buckets and smiles! We will provide snacks!

It is a pleasure to be back working with volunteers on this special shoreline street ends that Leschi first opened for public access 20 years ago! Thank you to John Barber for his leadership and to Jim Snell, Adam Tycaster, Diane Snell, Diane Morris, Joyce Moty and others for their consistent work.

We are hoping that others will want to take the lead to steward these very special places. If you are interested in being a community lead for any of these street ends, please let me know. This involves routine cleanup/maintenance and overseeing an annual work party. We have found it to be a wonderful community builder!

Twenty years ago, Leschi’s String of Pearls was a model for the opening of other street ends throughout the city, for the development of new city policies and for the model permit system that is now in use.

For information or questions, please contact: Karen Daubert,, 206-310-1792 or John Barber,, 206-324-1548.

~Karen Daubert

And for more information, be sure to visit

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