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Remembering Wade Vaughn

Many of us had the pleasure of knowing Wade Vaughn, but many might not know the breadth and depth of his passion for Leschi. Wade passed away early this year and I was reminded of his selfless giving back to our community. Wade was known as a masterful historian; his Leschi Diaries make for interesting reading, not only because of the variety of stories about our neighborhood, but also because he makes Leschi come alive.

But he was so much more. He was a gifted artist as he roamed the neighborhood with his sketchbook and turned his drawings into postcards and cards, which he gave to friends and neighbors. He was a photographer and his photos were featured for years in the Leschi News. He was an active volunteer; if there was a work party scheduled, he was sure to show up tools in hand and he especially enjoyed the Leschi String of Pearls, which is where we first bonded. And he was a creative homeowner – as I recall he designed and built the Leschi home that he and Shirley lived in for over 50 years.

Wade also designed all of the “Welcome to Leschi – a Community of Diversity” signs that you will find at our entryways. When I was president of the Council, we held a design competition and his was the one that was unanimously approved. Each time I pass one of those signs, I am thankful for Wade and his gift to the community.

It is people like Wade that make Leschi so special and make me feel proud to be part of this community.

~Karen Daubert

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