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Messages from the Board

President–Yuki Igarashi

The Council is still looking to connect with anyone interested in volunteering in the capacity of President or Vice President of the Leschi Community Council! Elections will be held at this June’s neighborhood meeting. Terms are two years, and primary responsibilities include attending the monthly neighborhood meetings, monthly board meetings, and voting on various causes, such as the donation or distribution of Council funds to neighborhood projects or the involvement/support of the LCC for other events and organizations. Time commitment is approximately 2-4 hours/month.

Secretary/Newsletter Editor–Diane Snell

I learned to love Leschi through the eyes of Wade Vaughn in his Leschi Diary and his many photographs. That feeling was sustained by the dedication of the folks who worked so hard in our many parks. I feel grateful for the supportive nature of our current Board—it’s a collaborative effort. I enjoy the interactions with Leschi News readers who comment by email, letters and even phone calls! The guiding principle for me is to highlight the successes and needs of Leschi and to inform the neighborhood of proposed actions by those that affect us: Metro, as well as city and county government.

Treasurer–Janet Oliver

I feel honored to have the confidence of the Board and the Community and lucky to be able to contribute to the continued good work of the Leschi Community Council. This is a learning period, and the help from Diane Snell, Yuki Igarashi, Yousef Shulman and former treasurers Amy Fink and Kim Murillo is so appreciated! Keeping track of the financial dealings of the Council has helped me learn more about all we are accomplishing and the difference we are making in Leschi.

Land Use Resource Committee–Jeff Floor

There have been rumblings afoot, wondering what this whole “HALA” thing (Housing Affordability and Livability Agenda) is all about, so for the monthly program this May, we’ve turned to the Central Area Land Use Review Committee (CA-LURC) for an explanation. We’ll look at the program’s origins and intentions, what the citywide proposals are, and bring it home to the Central Area to understand what is on the table in our neck of the woods. Bear in mind, this is not a city event - just local folks who have been digging into the devilish details.

Parks and Greenspace Chair–John Barber

A small group of volunteers from the Leschi Community Council has been maintaining over the last 20 years the Leschi String of Pearls, which is a set of small park-like public areas along the shore of Lake Washington at four street right-of-ways: South King St., S Dearborn St., S Charles St. and S Norman St. It has becoming an increasingly daunting task as most of our group is aging.

The last few work parties have had the support of the LCC Stairway Clean-up Crew of volunteers. Thank you so much for your help. The Stairway Clean-up Project will return to its original purpose starting in May. And, help is on its way. Karen Daubert, former President of the LCC, Adam Tycaster, of the volunteer Tree Ambassador Program, and Plant Amnesty, a group of arborists and professional pruners, have volunteered to help in the path forward. We are happy to welcome their support and to ask other neighbors who love gardening to help in our efforts. The Leschi News will continue to announce work parties and keep you posted on future plans and activities.

Thank you, all!

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