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Leschi loses its Historian

Wade Vaughn, author of the Seattle Leschi Diary, passed away January 31, 2017. He and his wife (Shirley) purchased a lot and he built their home in the Leschi Community on Randolph Avenue in the early 1960’s. He never left the Community. If he was laid off or asked to transfer, he just stayed in his home in Leschi until he found another job.

He became very involved in the Leschi Community Council. He was elected President for a couple of terms. He loved to help with all kinds of projects - the shoreline parks, stairways etc.

At one time, he decided the Leschi Council would be able to make some money if they wrote a history about the Leschi Community. He asked all interested people to sign up that would like to help with the book. No one signed up. He started research and became so interested he ended up writing several books including “Seattle Leschi Diary.” All profits for books were given to the Community Council. Any new member in the Community can check out his books at the Douglas Truth Library.

Wade truly loved the neighborhood not because of the location, but because of the wonderful people in it. A memorial/open house will be held in the spring at his former home to celebrate his beautiful life.

When a date has been confirmed - we invite those that would like to remember Wade Vaughn. (Date & Memorial/Open House information will be forwarded to the Leschi news for publication).

~Shirley Vaughn

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