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Changes on the Leschi CC Board

Our treasurer, Amy Fink, resigned. We are eternally grateful to her for so expertly resolving the issue with the Internal Revenue Service over our non-profit status. While our mistake was minor (a wrong box checked), the solution was a lengthy process with requests from the State of Washington for documents that we knew the IRS already had. But as Amy kindly pointed out, one does not argue with these guys….they hold the power. So we shall miss Amy and her expertise, but we have another talented person who has stepped forward: Janet Oliver, who was our Vice-President for the four years that the two Dianes were co-chairing the LCC. The V-P position has limited duties and with two Presidents, there wasn’t a change to cover for “the President” as there were TWO! Janet was definitely under-utilized in that position. We appreciate her willingness to step into this position as she returns fresh (and warm) from several months in Southern California and the Southwest. We told her all our rain had definitely fallen by now.

In an effort to reduce some of the work that the Treasurer has to do each month, President Yuki Igarashi has created three chair positions to take on some of the responsibility:

  • Ad Manager: Primary point of contact for advertisers and prospective advertisers, from initial interest through ad execution. Acts as a liaison between advertisers and printer, newsletter editor, and LCC as needed. Responsibilities include emailing artwork to layout for approval, emailing monthly invoices for published ads, and communicating incoming revenue to treasurer.

  • Restricted Funds Coordinator: Primary point of contact for restricted funds; communicates annually with chair of each fund and coordinates invoices for payment with treasurer. Prepares report for monthly Executive Board meetings.

  • Events Coordinator: Liaison between LCC board and each event-planning group. Handles necessary permits, accepts revenue, and requests checks from treasurer for documented expenses. Prepares monthly report for Executive Board meetings. There are four primary events per year: Flo Ware picnic in May or June, Art Walk in September, Halloween Spooktacular in October and the Holiday party in December. Any proposed event beyond these four must be presented to the Board and receive Board approval. This Chair could accept one or more of the events; it is not necessary to take on all four events. There could be a Chair for each of the events.

The Board would prefer to consider candidates who are willing to stay in their role through the next standard Board elections in May 2018. If you are interested in volunteering for any of these roles, please contact Yuki at or

~Leschi Community Council Board

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