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Madrona Arms

I have started to call this place the Madrona/Leschi answer to Denny’s for neighborhood seniors. I found myself feeling offended at a radio commentator urging those who want to know how Seniors feel about their Social Security to go to Denny’s during the early dinner hour. I can’t remember ever having dinner there before, but it could be a mental block. I see visions of mashed potatoes swimming in gravy; this is not a personal favorite. We have found that the Madrona Arms is a great place for a “senior dinner” during Happy Hour.

We have smaller appetites than during our “salad” days and the Madrona Arms Taco Tuesday special is just perfect. One gets a small street size taco for $2 or if you want grilled fish, it’s $3. Two of these little guys are filling and you get your protein and raw veggies in one package. Available at all Happy Hours: $5 offerings: Mozzarella Sticks, Baked Potato and a Hummus Plate. $6 will get you Coconut Shrimp, a Caprese Salad, Quesadilla or Irish Nachos (potato chips instead of tortilla chips).

Or if you’re a big spender, go for the $7 Kobe Sliders with Frites, Steak Tips with Frites, Hot Wings or Shrimp Cocktail. Draft beers are $1 off during the Happy Hour and the House wine is a respectable Wilridge Winery red or white for $5.

It was much quieter than I remember its predecessor (Madrona Alehouse) and comfortably warm despite the cold outside. We had a reasonable dinner and we got happy!

Madrona Arms

1138 34th Ave. (corner of Union) 98122


Hours: Monday through Friday 11am-12am; Sat/Sun 9am-2am

~Diane Snell

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