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Vulcan’s Plans For Promenade 23

The Leschi Community Council invited Vulcan representatives Pearl Leung and Pete Aperico to attend our November meeting. We learned a few days before the meeting that the Red Apple would not be leaving until the fall of 2017. Vulcan has not yet obtained all their permits and cannot begin construction until that is accomplished.

This delay brings us more time to make an alternative plan for non-driving residents to obtain fresh foods during the 2-year construction period when no grocery store will be on the site.

Development will start on the south side of Jackson, the space where Red Apple is currently. Although Vulcan also purchased the Promenade site on the north side of Jackson, these stores have longer leases and will stay put for the near term.

Vulcan will be putting some non-profit groups into the empty spaces by Red Apple during this construction delay.

They are working with Hewitt for landscape design and Runberg for architectural design. They do plan a grocery presence on the site, which is designed to be larger than the current Red Apple. They do NOT have arrangements with a grocery business yet. The goal is to work with a grocery business that will cater to local tastes as Red Apple does now.

There will be four floors of underground parking, the lower two for residents and the upper two for retail. Access to parking will be on S Jackson.

There will be about 580 units of residences above the store; 114 will be available under the MFTE (Multi-family tax exemption) plan and will rent for 65 to 80 % of the average median income in King County.

Pearl asked folks to email her with suggestions for accommodating non-driving folks during the construction and start-up period. She will be sending out a survey, which should help Vulcan understand the community needs. We will see that the survey is available at Red Apple and the Senior Center when it is complete.

~Diane Snell

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