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Leschi School finds New Friends!

Senior Center member Joan Ervin sent us this heart-warming story. She and other Senior Center members decided to make bookmarks to welcome the students back to school; they ended up making 500 bookmarks.

When they went to deliver the bookmarks, they found something very interesting going on and Joan asked Leschi Volunteer Dexter Mitchell to write up the following story:

“Several Leschi Elementary students were all smiles after attending the 1st Annual Haircut Day at their school on Tuesday, October 4, 2016. Paul Gray and Eric Clark from Paul Gray’s Barber Lounge showed up at 7am and did not leave until 2:30pm, after giving free haircuts and transforming 26 young men!

Haircut Day was the brainchild of Dexter Mitchell, a real estate broker at Coldwell Banker, a volunteer at Leschi School, and writer of this article. The concept came about during a meeting with Gerald Donaldson, the family support worker at the school. During the meeting, I was seeing boys and girls come into Mr. D’s office, who looked like they hadn’t had a haircut in months. It just hit me right then and there. Naturally, I asked Eric, my personal barber and Paul, the shop owner if they would be interested in donating their time and they didn’t hesitate! In the interest of fairness, the participating students were all discreetly selected by individual teaching staff, but unfortunately, there were a few students who missed out. Next Year!

A huge thank you goes out to Paul and Eric at Paul Gray’s Barber Lounge for putting in valuable time in the community where they both live AND work. Please support them when considering your future barbering needs. They are located at 1123 34th Ave., Seattle, WA 98122, 206-860-0497, or online at Eric can be reached at 206-9473420. Text for immediate response/scheduling.

An additional huge thank you goes out to the women who graciously volunteered their time and effort to the eight girls who showed up for their “do’s”, in particular Edy Redmond and Roberta Harris who came in and worked tirelessly to get the girls ready for their close-ups. They were supported by Leschi staff members, Brittany Sampson, Irma Nickles and Reiko Dabney.

A charitable donation will be made to the Family Support Program at Leschi School, in the name of Paul Gray’s Barber Lounge.”

~Dexter Mitchell,

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