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Executive Board meeting minutes

September 14, 2016—Attending: Yousef Shulman, Yuki Igarashi, Amy Fink, Tracy Bier and Diane Snell.

Treasury: Amy emailed the treasury report with these comments: “Regarding the attached report: please note that I haven’t yet reconciled the restricted funds section to reflect the ArtWalk. Everything that’s been paid out or received was recorded, but not yet sorted out between the operating and restricted funds.” And other items to note: “I had another talk with Bank of America. They walked back their assertion that we’d need to submit another signature card to open a savings account. They also said that there were more options for business savings that weren’t presented before, and that we may have been assigned a ‘remote’ personal banker in the wake of the local branch closing. So, I’ll contact our banker and investigate interest bearing savings accounts for our restricted funds. Our CD has been automatically rolled into another 9-month CD at the same rate as the last one.”

Restricted/unrestricted funds update: review postponed until debits/credits are reconciled for ArtWalk. Raffle winners that could not be reached: Yousef suggested putting the names in the newsletter.

Frisbee competition: Amy asked about naming the teams for the newsletter; decision made on “trophy” for winning team. Amy asked Diane to call the insurance company re: any liability but we will get waivers signed for players. We may need canopies to cover food tables as no one seems to have tailgates anymore.

Parks: John on vacation through 9/27; other vacations gathered from Board members.