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Stairs into Pearls

Our Stairway work parties ran into some barriers during the past few months. We were rained out in May and June and had a small worker turnout in July at the 29th & Lane stairway. We did have a new fabulous worker, however, who tackled the moss on the steps with an ordinary garden rake. The tines loosen the moss and then turn the rake over: the non-productive side makes a good pusher! Thanks to new resident, Ken Kamm, for joining us and single-handedly conquering the moss on these steps.

One discouraging thing about these steps is the amount of trash that folks are throwing out. The trash we create is our own to dispose of properly, not at any unwatched space. There were two large plastic tubs for plants, which can go into the recycling bin after rinsing out. Those of us who volunteer at these projects often have those micro-cans for garbage and find it difficult to get rid of other people’s trash. The plastic bins were only one minor element of the trash we found.

At our August Board meeting, we discussed the possibility of taking the Stairway project to another direction to help John Barber with the String of Pearls, those shoreline street end mini-parks that we fought for…all the way to the Supreme Court (of the state, not the other Supremes).

John has had difficulty gathering work crews on weekdays and can use the help. A good work party at one of the Pearls each month can make a big difference. In September, we will meet at the Judkins Streetend. Our crew leader will be Joyce Moty of Mt. Baker. Joyce said that pruning and deadheading will be our focus. Tools to bring: loppers, pruners, pruning saws. Join your LCC Board and your neighbors to give this Pearl a new look!

Judkins Shoreline Streetend

Stairway work party

September 17, 10am-12pm

~Diane Snell

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