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One Community Extends a Welcome

Hello Neighbor,

My name is Ruby Holland and I’ve lived in the CD since 1961. Being raised in the CD was filled with many warm and pleasant memories. After living in other cities for many years, I returned to Seattle. I never got over my love for the beautiful mountains, water, seafood (Ivar’s) and those plump, sweet blackberries (invasive I’m told) that grow on many street corners.

I’ve been back in my childhood home now for 2 years. Of course, my neighborhood has changed. What I miss most is that warm, fuzzy feeling of community that we used to have in the CD. After talking with other long-time CD residents, we realized that it’s time for a good, old fashioned welcoming. Excuse my frankness here, but I want to make sure that everyone knows specifically of whom I speak.

On behalf of myself and many other long time, Black or Afro American CD residents, we would like to welcome you, our new White, Hispanic, or Asian neighbors to the CD. It is our belief that we need to know our neighbors in order to look out for and to help each other. While Facebook, NextDoor and email are great tools, community building requires us to leave our comfort zones and use the old school tactics of face-to-face contact to get to know each other. Taking things in bite-sized chunks, we don’t need to know everyone in the CD, only those on our block. When we see each other on the street, let’s say hello and introduce ourselves as neighbors. When seeing other CD residents at the bus stop, library, or out shopping in the neighborhood, let’s smile at each other and say “hello.”