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EastPAC Meeting, January 2016

At the EastPAC Meeting on January 18, 2016, Lt Bryan Grenon reported on crime statistics in the Central Area; residential burglaries are down, but car prowls are up, particularly in secure parking garages. A perpetrator will follow a resident’s car into the garage and proceed to take the contents of all the cars parked there. It is lucrative as these secure garages are usually associated with higher end apartments and condos. Police are notifying the residents and asking them to make sure no one has come into the garage while the door is open.

Lt. Grenon said that gang feuds were related to the shooting at Pratt Park. Police responded within a minute and 2 suspects were arrested; a gun (previously stolen) was retrieved. One suspect had a long history of violent behavior. Gangs from Kent and Tukwila are mixing it up with south end gangs and local gang members.

Grenon responded to a question about the Jungle shooting and said it was drug related. Scales were found at the site and 15 bicycles, when there were only half that number of temporary tenters. The Jungle is on state land adjacent to I-5, but local police handle any issues. The area abuts 3 different jurisdictions. The encampment was swept a few days later with case workers helping folks to find shelter.

Stolen bikes are a big business; they are taken apart and reassembled with higher quality (stolen) parts and can be sold on the street for $100. Lt. Grenon recommended the for registering your bike; it makes it easier to return property to its rightful owner.

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