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Two Big Blondes

No, not a new business to report, but a new business owner! Meet Lisa Michaud, who bought the business from her aunt, Susan, after wisely spending 6 months working there to learn the ins and outs of the business. Lisa is not new to the business world as she and her husband had run a boat charter and sightseeing business in St. Lucia, but she longed to return to her community (Leschi) and have her children attend the same schools she attended while growing up here.

Lisa also has a social service background; she worked for Senior Services while the family spent time here. One aspect of Two Big Blondes that really pleases her is bringing in residents of Mary’s Place Shelter to select outfits for themselves.

Lisa manages the merchandise flow with frequent sales so she can keep the clothing seasonally appropriate.Watch her for the next big sale in December: 10th-14th with store wide discounts from 5% to 90% off!

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