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The Bicycling Store, familiar but different

Bike shops are all about bikes, gear and service. But...What if your bicycling was the priority? At The Bicycling Store, customers are invited to learn about their bike and bicycling.

Like checking your bike for safety and maintenance and making adjustments and repairs. And riding your bike from learning to balance for the first time to emergency maneuvers like quick stopping and turning. And most important: learning to drive with the traffic, confidently and safely. Ever tried that through a bike shop? Why are essential traffic skills missing?

Bicycling is becoming popular through a political process rather than a process of personal responsibility and riding competency. Advocates spend their time promoting bike facilities rather than the driving skills bicyclists need to ride with traffic.

Our brain is the most sophisticated and complicated entity in the known universe, and the flood of new brain research and powerful behavior studies are revealing the importance of managing our thoughts for curiosity, learning, change and growth. That’s what’s necessary for successful outcomes in our lives...and I believe, our bicycling.

At The Bicycling Store, conversation and coaching encourage learning about our options, how to evaluate them and make decisions. Often people are busy and focussed on resolving their bike issues through traditional services, but if you are open to learning and interesting conversation, you could leave with something far more meaningful.

~David Smith

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