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Boating In Leschi

Moorage at the Leschi Marina

Leschi has an active marina for year round moorage of almost 200 boats. For information about using the facility or mooring your own boat there, see the Seattle Parks and Recreation site for Leschi north moorage.

Motor Boats & Jet Skis

Lake Washington is perfect for motor boating and water skiing.

There are no motor boat launches within the borders of Leschi but you don't have to go very far to find one.

The nearest power boat launch is by the Mt. Baker Rowing Center, Lake Washington Blvd and S. Charlestown St. about three miles south of Leschi.

Canoes, Kayaks & Paddle Boards

The waterfront along the lake provides many places you can put your kayak or canoe into the water. If you are comfortable getting into your boat from a dock, there are two docks that work pretty well. If you need a gradual slope of the beach instead there are a few specific places that are safe and easy to use.

Note: You are not allowed to put your boat in the water within 25 yards of a swimming area. If you try to, you may get stopped by a life guard.

Leschi Park has a hand boat launch across the street at the south end of the grassy yard.

To the north:

There are several appropriate places between the Marina and Madrona Park. If you walk the length of the grassy area there you will find them.

You can also take Lake Washington Boulevard north to the Arboretum but parking there is often a challenge, especially in good weather. There is lots of wildlife and VERY shallow water. You can rent kayaks and canoes at the UW Waterfront Activities Center and cross the Montlake cutoff and paddle around in the Arboretum.

To the south:

You can put canoes and kayaks in the water in the South Day Street Park under the I-90 bridge.

You can put boats in the water at the Mt Baker Rowing Center, about 2.5 miles south of Leschi. The yard just west of the buildings slopes down into the water, but there are a lot of birds there so the water is sometimes less than sanitary.

There is another small park about 3 miles south of Leschi at South Adams Street. This little park has one of the best hand boat launch facilities in the area. It also has very good parking.

You can also hand launch boats at Seward Park near the tennis courts on the south side of the peninsula. Seward Park is about five miles south of Leschi.

To the East:

If you go over the I-90 bridge and go just past Mercer Island, there is a park under the Mercer Island Bridge on the East end. It is called Enatai Beach Park and there is a facility there that rents kayaks certain times of the year. You can check out their website for schedules, and rental fees.

You can also put your boat in the water at the Mercer Slough, at the Mercer Slough Nature Park. It is on Bellevue Way very close to the freeway exit off I-90. From there you can either paddle the slough or make your way to Lake Washington.

Dragon Boats

The Dragon Boats have a long history and tradition in Leschi. You have seen the long colorful boats at the Leschi Marina and have seen the participants doing their warm up exercises together on the shore, as well as out on the water in the boats, paddling in unison.

If you are interested in trying Dragon Boating, you will be glad to know they do welcome new members and are open to the public giving it a try before joining.

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