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Biking for Leisure

The roadway on the waterfront along the west shore of Lake Washington through Leschi is very scenic, and relatively flat for several miles and provides a bicycle friendly route for leisure bicycling.

Riding north from Leschi takes you through Madrona, and then the Arboretum, and over the Montlake Bridge to the University District. There you can connect up with the Burke Gilman Trail in the University District. The Burke Gilman Trail goes most of the way around Lake Washington, almost 30 miles, so you can ride as little or as much as you like.

Riding to the south has several options, including taking the road along the lake all the way to Seward Park, and then on to Renton, or you can get on the I-90 bridge bike trail and ride east to Mercer Island and beyond to Bellevue. There are also routes through the forests of Frink Park, and Coleman Park a wee bit to the south. So when the weather is good, pack a light lunch and spend a few hours exploring the neighborhood by bicycle. There are many parks along the lake very suitable for picnics.

Race Training

In good weather or bad, if you spend any time on the Leschi waterfront it will not take long for you to be passed by bicycle racing teams in their sponsor's colorful uniforms, riding past in groups, both large and small. Leschi's geographic features provide both long flat stretches of road as well as hills through the neighborhood that are just great for bicycle race training. Teams work on speed, endurance and team racing skills on the roads and bike paths in Leschi. It is a common sight at the market, the deli and the coffee shops to see several bicycles parked on the sidewalk and riders getting a snack or "carb-ing up" before taking on the I-90 bridge bike path, or heading north around the lake.

Bike Race Events

There are a few formal bike races that take advantage of the Leschi waterfront and surrounding areas. One is the Danskin Triathlon in the summer.

If you are interested in more information about bicycle teams in Leschi and Seattle, you can check out the Washington State Bicycle Association.

Trail Access