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Moorage update

May 6, 2014—MEMORANDUM

To: Christopher Williams, Superintendent, Seattle Parks & Recreation From: Leschi Project Advisory Team (PAT) Re: Recommendations for Leschi Moorages

The Leschi Marina Project Advisory Team (PAT) is pleased to present recommendations that will lead to safe, affordable and quality moorage facilities for recreational boaters and the public for generations to come.

The Leschi marinas are a unique and valuable public resource but dock conditions have deteriorated over many years with limited investments or repairs by the City. The current concession management model only provided for minor maintenance and failed to address ongoing asset replacement. Little has been done to ensure the facilities are safe and functional despite a consistent revenue stream provided by tenants.

Our PAT’s goal has been to articulate an achievable and sustainable operating and maintenance model for the future of North and South Leschi marinas. In producing our recommendations we have studied operational practices at other marinas and market data; management of other City of Seattle Park facilities; identified current assets and needs; and taken into account extensive input provided by tenants and the surrounding community.

Our recommendations are based on ideas broadly supported by the full PAT. Other important ideas that merit acknowledgement and were discussed during our process, but that did not make it into the final recommendations include: factoring in the effect on global warming as a key part of the decision-making process going forward; placing sailboats at the north moorage and powerboats at the south moorag