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Leschi's Leader: Thurston D. Muskelly

I can’t recall the first time I met Thurston–or even the issue or organization that we had in common at the time–but I do recall the passion that he held for everything community-related. Thurston presided over the Leschi Community Council for many years (at least three terms as I recall) at a time when Leschi was experiencing a rebirth of some of its public spaces and a growing number of development projects. He always led with a sense of openness and purpose. He was on the leadership team of the Central Area Senior Center during its time of transition from a government-run organization to its own non-profit. And he chaired the board of the Central Area Development Association during the Central Area’s development explosion. Thurston was supported in all his endeavors by his loving wife Joyce who was also one of Leschi’s best-ever bakers! Thurston broke his hip in 2019 and has been living in Madison Park at Parkshore Retirement Community since then. During that time, several of us met Thurston weekly—via Zoom–and discussed everything from local to international news. It was a highlight for all of us. And he treasures the Leschi News!

In December, to Thurston’s great delight, he returned to his beloved home of over 50 years on 29th Avenue South where he is living today. Thurston continues to be a mentor and role model and I am honored to be his friend.


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