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Leschi Elementary Giving Garland

Updated: Dec 30, 2021

The Giving Garland is a charitable event to support Leschi Elementary children and their siblings, and every family receives gift cards to an easily accessible grocery store.

In non-COVID times, tags hung from the garland in the main hall at school, each tag representing a gift; some items are fun: toys, bikes, art supplies, board games, balls, books and sports gear and others are basic essentials: clothing, bedding, warm coats, diapers or car seats.

While we are settling into the “new normal” as we close out 2021 with most students back to school in person, our Giving Garland is still virtual. So this year there is no garland and colorful tags with “wished for” items, but the need for support in our community is still significant…the impact of the past 20 months continues to present challenges for so many families.

As we near the donation deadline of Monday, Dec 13th ways you can still give are…

GIFT CARDS – In increments of $25, $50 or $100 - for groceries, clothing and gifts for the children who enjoy shopping for themselves. Gift cards may not feel as fun to give, but the kiddos LOVE getting them.

  • Safeway

  • Target

  • Ross Dress for Less

  • Walmart

  • Amazon

  • Old Navy

MONETARY DONATIONS – your cash, check or PayPal donation will make sure every child gets their wish fulfilled – whether the ask is a bucket of baseballs or a box of diapers & wipes, a winter coat or new bedding.

  • Checks made out to “Leschi PTA”, in the memo add “Giving Garland”

  • PayPal - go to the school website: (there is no option to note what the PayPal donation is for, but we will get it!)

  • Checks and Gift Cards can be dropped off (or mailed) to the school office weekdays from 8am to 2pm or to Katie Busby - 330 30th Ave S. Seattle 98144

All gifts and donations need to be made by Monday Dec 13th at the latest. Gifts do NOT need to be wrapped.

If gifts are delayed and will arrive after 12/13, please let us know what the gift is and when it will be delivered!

Over the past 11 years the Giving Garland has supported over 1500 children and their families in need of support during the winter holidays. We know there are so many worthy organizations and people who are still in need of support. We are so grateful for your consideration and anything you can give.

Thank you,

The Giving Garland coordinators: Jennifer Marquardt and Katie Busby (Leschi Elementary forever supporters & parental alums)

Any questions please let us know - email, call or text - (, 206-423-2781) - (, 206-251-3411)


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