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Events in the Parks: Torii Celebration at Seward Park

Updated: Apr 23, 2022

After delays caused by Covid, Seward Park has now determined to celebrate the new Torii gate at a neighborhood gathering on April 2 at 1pm.

Participants include Representative Sharon Tomiko Santos and Wild Isle author Paul Talbert.

Enjoy performances by the School of Taiko Washington, Diamonds Drill Team and Mak Fai Kung Fu Dragon & Lion Dance Association.

~Seward Park Chickadee Chatter

EDITOR’S NOTE: We realize that regulations on tree cutting are not always easy to find and it is difficult to know if homeowners are new to Leschi and unaware of the seriousness which we place on both our trees and our parks, The Board is taking steps to alleviate some of the difficulty by using our website to display critical information and to develop a welcome letter to new residents that directs homeowners to the website material.


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