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2022 Leschi Star Awards

Updated: May 21, 2022

Is there a star near you? The Leschi Community Council Board is now accepting applications for our annual Leschi Stars. Applications must be submitted by May 6 to be considered; winners will be presented with the prestigious star at our June meeting.

Instructions: Once a year we honor our Leschi Stars, those folks or groups who have made a big difference in Leschi.

EXAMPLE OF AN INDIVIDUAL: Henrietta Price who has been a crossing guard at Leschi Elementary School for more than two decades and encourages the children to do their best as she safely guides them across the street.

GROUP EXAMPLE: Keller Williams staff who sent 60 folks to Leschi Park to weed, mulch, prune for their day of community service.

Send us your answers to the following:

• Your nominee’s name and contact information.

• Tell us why this person is a STAR! Be specific.

• How do these activities enrich life in Leschi?

• Your name and contact information.

Send an email to, or mail to LCC: 140 Lakeside Ave, Suite A, #2, Seattle 98122


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