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Thank You to Our Heroes!

The Leschi Community would like to recognize and thank the heroes that have made a difference in these trying times. We thank the medical community, the doctors, the nurses, the respiratory therapists, the housekeeping staff and the first responders: firefighters, police and EMTs. We would not have a fighting chance if you were not out there day after day helping to save lives, often without the proper protective equipment. You are the true heroes in this nightmare.

We want to thank the community businesses that stood by in the worst of times to offer needed services. Even in the loss of their owner and mentor, Steve Shulman, the staff at Leschi Market took steps to thoroughly clean and reopen with safety measures in place and special shopping hours for the vulnerable seniors so that we had a grocery resource in these difficult times.

Thank you to Bart Evans, BluWater Bistro, who creatively filled in when we lost our caffeine options in the abrupt closure of Starbucks. He offered a pop-up coffee option at 6am to keep the energy flowing and initiated take-out meals with FREE delivery within 2 miles. BluWater meals have been a delicious diversion from the usual home concoctions that often lack one of the non-optional ingredients. And thank you to Bart for his free lunches to medical staff!

Central Pizza and Mt. Baker’s Mioposto and That’s Amore offered take-out meals as well as several Madrona restaurants. The Central Area Senior Center, despite the cancellation of events and classes, continued to provide hot meals at lunch for pick-up or delivery and offered grocery shopping services to those who could not get out. Thank you for looking after our most vulnerable population!

Thanks to Park Postal for staying open to provide an essential service when we still have no post office in our area. And thank you to Grocery Outlet employees for continuing to serve the community in these dangerous times.

Thank you to the volunteers who keep the local food banks going in this critical time. If you have any disposable income, consider donating funds to either St. Mary’s Food Bank or the Rainier Valley Food Bank. Both serve our area. Giving funds allows them to fill in the gaps and minimizes the physical contact for their volunteers. Let’s not allow families to go hungry in the land of plenty; food doesn’t trickle down.

And last but not least, a huge THANK YOU to our postal workers who keep on their daily rounds delivering mail despite the risks both from the virus and the threats from the other Washington. We need you and we appreciate you!

~The Leschi Community Council Board:

Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Lalish-Menagh, Janet Oliver, Tracy Bier, John Barber & Diane Snell

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