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Executive Board Meeting minutes

January 6, 2020—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Trevor Lalish-Menagh, Tracy Bier, Diane Snell

Janet: sending treasury report by email

Janice: Review of Feb and March programs for her message in newsletter. We agreed to produce questions for our Crime Prevention Officer (February). Diane will send background info on actor presenting the March program.

Janice has planned to meet with Randy & Buzz at Bluwater to give them their Leschi Star awards.

Trevor: Plan for mural discussion on Jan 15. He agreed to moderate. Artist Lawrence Pitre will present his plan and then there will be Q and A with audience.

Review of programs for rest of year; we had only made plans through June, but further discussion gave us some thoughts about the fall. Our District 3 rep, Kshama Sawant, should be asked to come in Sept. as the Council will be getting the budget to respond to and it is a chance for us to have some input on budget items. Nothing definite but perhaps something on ecology for October. Janice proposed an Eco-Corner in the news. Discussed helpful tools from the city like Find It Fix It and graffiti hotline; perhaps mention this in newsletter so folks use it more often.

John: Although unable to attend this meeting, John had sent some good news. In reviewing the parks budget for 2020, it looks as though wading pools will be open two days each week.

Tracy expressed some concern about the February program. She felt it seemed rather quiet in the neighborhood. Diane suggested that folks are not reporting to the police, so data doesn’t show reality. NextDoor still seems full of pkg theft and car prowls. We felt that sending some questions would supply more substance to the program.

Diane: Feb. Newsletter deadline: Jan. 20

Peppi’s Park: the Parks Dept. has sent a letter to the volunteers of Peppi’s outlining the restoration they plan to do following the mess created by the cutting of some trees and the introduction of big equipment in that restricted area. We hope to cover it in the Feb. newsletter.

Diane suggested that we donate to Seattle Music Partners, the group that supplies music instruction after school to Leschi students. We helped them get started by funding a bus to take the students home after the extended day and we later gave them the proceeds of our annual Big Book Sale, but we have neglected to continue helping. It was agreed that we would send $250 to SMP.

Diane will apply for a Small Sparks grant to fund the March program. Janice said that she did not get the grant for the ArtWalk this year and Diane suggested that she try the Small Sparks grant later in June.

ArtWalk: Diane asked that Janice set a February date for the first ArtWalk meeting so we could publish it in the Feb. news.

Janice suggested we invite folks to the Board meeting so they will have a better idea of what we do and realize it is not that demanding to be on the Board. She will invite Eva to next Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 7pm.

~Respectfully submitted by Diane Snell

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