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President’s Message

Happy Holidays to all of my Leschi friends,

Here we are at the brink of a new decade. Amazing to me, as I remember waiting at the turn of the century, 20 years ago, all the unknown fretting about the computers shutting down around the world. Then as we watched the New Year dawn around the world in each time zone, nothing happened.

I have lived in Leschi for over 16 years and we have changed, grown, expanded and become more vibrant in our little village. We really live in a little jewel within the City of Seattle and I am grateful every day to be part of this community.

Ahead of us (I write this letter around the 16th of any month for printing deadlines) is a mid-week Christmas and New Year. Many of our community members have reached out to help the Leschi Elementary School students have a happier Christmas. A special shout out to Bart from BluWater Leschi for the notices and donation opportunities very visible to his patrons. Thanks to readers’ donations, Leschi CC was able to donate $300 in grocery gift cards to the school for their Giving Garland.

The LCC Council Board attended the Central Area Senior Center Saturday night for the holiday celebration. With wonderful music, excellent food and a very festive mood, the bonus was in excess of $11,000 which was raised for the purchase fund of the CASC building.

We have a special presentation to the community on January 15th at 7:30 with a discussion of a proposed mural on the southwest retaining wall at 31st and Jackson. We welcome your attendance and thoughts or concerns about the potential mural.

I wish you a splendid holiday season, when all but the most disciplined of us, pay no attention to what the bevy of holiday treats do to our waistlines. May you embrace each other, your families, friends, neighbors, old acquaintances and most of all hug yourself. May you find yourself feeling full of love for yourself and your fellow human travelers.

Warm regards,

Janice Merrill Brown

President, Leschi Community Council Board

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