Johnny’s Dock—review

October 2, 2019

Johnny’s Dock has been a local institution since institutions were first instituted.

New owners have recently introduced the now mandatory “50 Shades of Grey” look and replaced the old naugahyde chairs with new naugahyde chairs. The result has a pleasing “meet the new boss - same as the old boss” feel.


On a recent visit, we enjoyed the now ubiquitous Ahi Tuna, accompanied by locally-sourced adjectives of the day: seared and blackened. We were also accompanied by a contingent of fellow-diners wearing Iron Maiden tee shirts. I wondered if this was a new designer skillet promotion, but was told they’re a heavy metal band who were playing at the nearby Dome.


The blackberry cobbler was a credit to cobblers everywhere, particularly our neighbor Dave who tells me he runs the US’s largest remaining cobbler’s shop in Fremont. Dave says there’s a bigger cobbler in San Diego, but they ship their shoes to Mexico to get cobbled. Trump’s wall should fix this unfair competition once and for all and Make American Cobblers Great Again! Dave is expecting an influx of climbing boots any day soon.


For those of you whose boots are not made for walking, Johnny’s is an enjoyable day sail: just head for the Montlake Cut, through the Ballard Locks, past Elliott Bay and Vashon, into Commencement Bay, down to the end of The Foss Waterway and there it is - Johnny’s Free Moorage!


Johnny’s Dock

Hours: Mon-Thurs 11-9; Fri 11-10; Sat. 9:30-10; Sun 9:30-9, Brunch served Sat and Sun 9:30-3:30

1900 E D St. Tacoma, 253-627-3186,


~Malcolm Harker

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May 24, 2020

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