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our council structure


In practice, the Leschi Community Council has been meeting September through November on the first Wednesday of the month and hosting a Holiday party in December. Typically there is not a regular meeting in January due to the fact that the first Wednesday occurs so close to the holidays but there have been times when community events required a community wide meeting and that can be scheduled in mid-month to address the issues.

Black History has typically been the topic for our February meeting. Meetings March through June wrap up the year and there are no meetings and no newsletter during the summer months of July and August.


Elections are held every two years in May and must be announced in the newsletter the previous two months.

the LCC Board

The Executive Board meets 12 times a year on the second Wednesday.

The Board's main focus is decision making. Much of the work is done in committees; committee chairs are appointed by the President. While there are several ongoing committees, short term groups with a task focus may be formed at any tine.


LCC often serves as the fiscal agent for grants within the boundaries of Leschi. We have both non-profit status and insurance which covers community events so we are well suited for this.


our newsletter

The Leschi News is the official voice of the Leschi Community Council. It is published 10 times a year September through June and is mailed to members of the LCC. It is also distributed through retail stores, the library, Leschi School and the Central Area Senior Center. The majority of the work on the newsletter is from volunteers; ads pay for the printing and mailing.

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