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Financial Threat Looms For Newsletter

It has always been dicey paying for the monthly newsletter and depending on ads. Fortunately, the past few years, Leavitt Capital paid for a half page ad promoting Leschi Lake Center which took care of 20% of our printing costs. Alas, that benefit is now gone! Leavitt no longer manages the property and its principal owner, Alaska Copper, is in charge. When we approached their representative, he said to cancel the ad; they no longer require it. They do not donate locally, preferring to donate to United Way.

We need to ask folks to look at the label on their newsletter and see if their dues are up to date; if not, please renew! In the past we have relied on readers for postage only but now it is more drastic if we are to keep going. And if you feel generous, any donations you send our way are tax deductible as we are a non-profit.

If you have a business or frequent one in the area, talk to them about advertising in our newsletter. It is reasonable and reaches many residents beyond our mailing list. The business copies and those at the Senior Center and library go quickly. We can send you a copy of the rates if you email the address or call 206-726-0923. We have been keeping the neighborhood informed for more than 50 years and we hate to stop now!

~The Leschi Community Council Board

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