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8th Annual Artwalk

Don’t miss Leschi’s 8th Annual ArtWalk on Saturday, September 14 from 11am–4pm. We have many new artists demonstrating their work and many of our past favorites as well. There is artist designed jewelry, fine wooden bowls, prints, leather work, block prints and watercolors. And don’t miss Lanier’s Fine Candies; they make great gifts!

Children’s activities will be across the street in Leschi Park with the thrilling giant slide, a face painter, a dance workshop and crafts and games.

On our stage will be three bands: Opepo, Eli Meissner Jazz Duo and the popular Brazilian jazz group, The Rio Thing. The talented Washington Diamonds Drill Team will demonstrate their skills in the afternoon; you will see why they are award winners! Visit the Leschi Community Council table to see historic 1899 photos of the Leschi Park. Leschi Park was a destination place for city-dwellers looking to escape the summer heat. They came to the Dance Pavilion to see Sarah Bernhardt perform; to listen to concert bands at the Leschi Park band stand. There is a photo of a caged black bear in an early attempt to start a zoo. You will see a photo of the cable car they would ride from downtown to Leschi Pier, a thrilling ride indeed!

When we started the ArtWalk eight years ago, we never envisioned so many years! In many ways, it’s a success. We have attracted many new artists this year and we were overwhelmed with musicians wanting to play. But the Planning Committee has dwindled in numbers and now we find it will be difficult to do this another year without new volunteers. We need some fresh faces who can pick up the reins; you don’t have to reinvent anything. There is a process in place; we just need dedicated folks to carry on this work! If interested, contact

~Diane Snell

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