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Executive Board Meeting minutes

April 8, 2019—Attending: Janice Merrill Brown, Janet Oliver, Diane Snell, John Barber, Tracy Bier

Trevor on vacation.

Treasury report: Janet said the treasury was in good shape and she is collecting payment for ads.

Janice: She wants to pursue more ads for the Leschi News and pointed out some businesses that advertise in the Madison Park Times that she will approach. She asked for the ad rate sheet and Janet requested it as well. (Sent the next day to both.)

Janice felt there might be a possible tie-in with Woodland Park Zoo to the Leschi Park history that John and Diane had offered to present. John said he was overloaded and would be unable to work on it. Diane offered to review what she had and see if there was a program that would work.

Elections and conflicts of interest: Discussed the fact that we might be supporting different candidates in the upcoming elections and should do so only as individuals and not as members of the LCC. We cannot support candidates as a non-profit; we can support issues.