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Leschi Holiday Party - 2018

Our annual holiday party was a success! We had a second chance to hear last year’s Garfield Orchestra’s students, but it was a farewell performance as they are now all seniors and will head off to promising futures by next year. President Janice Merrill Brown asked how they began their musical sojourn: the three violinists all started at age 5 and the cellist began her journey at age 8. Kate Barber’s lovely drawings capture the musical moment.

Leschi Market’s private label was the wine of choice for the evening and attendees nibbled on salmon and cheese selections, mixed nuts and a Dilettante chocolate medley.

Thanks to Ted Virdone from Councilmember Sawant’s office for attending and filling us in on possible legislation, which would negatively affect the Metropolitan Park District’s fund. (See John Barber’s notes on that subsequent meeting.)

~Diane Snell

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