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Executive Board Meeting minutes

November 12, 2018


Janet shared the October report and said that a recent deposit will greatly increase the numbers. She and Diane are checking out a recent charge by WIX on our credit card. Janice said she would follow up on this. Janet will leave in about 10 days for her annual trek to warmer climes; she will return in March. Thanks to the Internet, she is able to pay bills and provide us with reports during her absence.


Senior Center Holiday table: it was agreed the LCC would purchase a table for eight at the fundraising gala. Janice asked for a task list and delegation of tasks for the upcoming events: Holiday and Valentines’ Wine Tasting. Discussion held for Diane’s turn as she has list of tasks.


He expressed concern for the ongoing draping of the condominiums that are awaiting some repair. He wants to send letters to both marina management and the condominiums. Janice gave John the name of the condominium manager and the contractor who will be working on the project. Tracy thanked John for his article listing the issues with Parks.