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That Brown Girl Cooks

I have had the pleasure of tasting food from this local catering company for several years. Chef Kristi Brown’s cuisine centers around a spicy hummus dip made from black-eyed peas and seasoned with Berbere, an Ethiopian blend of spices that she calls “Slow Burn.” For those who fear “hot” foods, do not be afraid. I call this a gentle heat (Full disclosure: I don’t do habanero peppers!)

Her food was featured at the NWAAM’s exhibit of their current show about the CD at the Senior Center on Wednesday, Sept. 19, following the Member meeting. She serves the hummus with triangles of pita that are baked and sprinkled with a flavorful spice.

The hummus was there to also grace the chicken patties and even the platter of roasted veggies, if one desired. The roasted cauliflower and segments of corn on the cob were my favorites from this assortment.

Her hummus is sold at PCC, Central Coop, Whole Foods and Bert’s Red Apple in Madison Park. For catering, check out her website at and submit a request.

~Diane Snell

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