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Executive Board Meeting minutes

September 10, 2018

New Business

Janet—Treasury report: Diane added that ArtWalk fund would grow once the grant was completed and there should be a surplus for next year.

Follow up—Frink Park request for tree removal. Janet has not rec’d the requested documentation.

Janice—It does not look at though anyone reported the Nuisance property 1126 29th Ave. S to EastPAC yet.

John—Parks: the mowing is still an issue.

Marina—Marine Mgmt. has agreed to speak at the November meeting. John wanted to create a list of questions. It was felt that we needed someone from the city to speak about the breakwater as Marine Mgmt. says they are waiting for that to be completed before beginning any work. We need to involve current tenants of the marina as well. John to check with Dragon Boat folks.

Tracy—LCC earthquake preparedness meeting: Tracy says not enough time to pull something together by Oct meeting. She will connect with Madrona folks and collaborate on a spring program that shows how to prepare. Madrona doing the same awareness program that we did last November.