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Food from the Heart

It’s difficult not to feel hunger pangs as you listen to Chinnie talk about food! She is not only enthusiastic, but one senses the inner perfectionist as she tells how she searches for the right taste by experimenting.

Chinnie Eap is Chinese Cambodian and came to this country at age 12. She had no English and was put in a first grade class, but she’s bright and caught on quickly, skipping grades until she reached the appropriate grade level for her age. She learned to cook by watching her mother, and she makes dishes on her own by using herbs and sauces.

Chinnie is the business manager at nearby Epiphany Parish in Madrona and she is starting a catering business using the church kitchen where she already caters meetings at the church. And this summer she will offer a “picnic supper” menu for concertgoers at Epiphany’s monthly concerts (listed elsewhere in Leschi News).

Chinnie will cater your graduation party, wedding reception, memorial gathering…you name it! Check out her website for the menu and details on ordering: And the Mushroom-Spinach Swirls are fantastic! You cannot eat just one!

~Diane Snell

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