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A sandwich for dinner?

When my husband suggested having dinner at Standard Brewing, I readily agreed, but then asked “Do they serve food?’ He replied that they had started serving sandwiches. Hmm, when did a sandwich become a dinner? Well, it happened that evening as we did go and found that Standard’s sandwiches are much more than your usual sandwich; they are creative combinations of interesting ingredients.

All their sandwiches are served on Essential Baking’s ciabatta rolls, which resemble a short fat baguette. We ordered hot sandwiches so the creation was heated after assembly. The names of the sandwiches are also very creative; mine was called The Thumb is Long ($10). I tried Google on that name and found palmistry references, and finally decided that a long thumb helps to keep the many parts INSIDE the roll. The many parts consist of soy and beer braised tofu, scallion and vegenaise with lettuce, tomato, onion and Furikake (a combination of dried fish and seaweed which is sprinkled on the dish).

My husband had the No Peepers: salami, provolone, mayo, mustard, black olives, lettuce, tomato, onion and Italian vinaigrette for $11. Sandwiches are served with a large dill pickle slice and a handful of Tim’s chips (your choice of salted or jalapeno.

We tried the coleslaw from the menu, which was good, and got a side of a “special” non-menu item: herbed potato salad. It was very good—much tastier than the usual bland potato salad and it even contained capers!

The beers are many, as are the sizes of beer servings. I got a nice dark beer that had about half the alcohol content most of the craft dark beers usually have and by ordering a serving size of 5 oz., I didn’t get full just on beer.

Standard Brewing has a nice patio area with bamboo plants for screening which was being used that day, although I would tend to wait for better weather. Inside there are booths, tables and seats at the bar. There seemed to be a group of regulars as folks greeted on another.

We give our compliments to the chef! I won’t stick my nose up at sandwiches anymore!

Standard Brewing

2504 S Jackson St, Seattle, WA 98144


~Diane Snell

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