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Breakfast at Bluwater


I must confess that I am probably the last person who should write a breakfast review; breakfast to me is drinking a cup of black coffee and eating a slice of toast while listening to Amy Goodman. However, I was with family and we had just completed a difficult piece of family business and obviously felt we deserved a treat.

We turned up at a bustling BluWater and were lucky to get a last empty booth. A large birthday party was breaking up and it made the whole atmosphere festive. I was hoping for lunch, but they were in the midst of their Saturday brunch and lunch options were minimal So I tried something I would not be making at home: a Belgian waffle. The waffle was good as was the whipped cream, but the strawberries were the California variety—pretty but bland. Of course, it was March and I could hardly expect those delicious smaller but tastier Washington berries.

Other brunch items tried: House Pancakes ($9); Bistro Eggs with Roasted Red Potatoes and choice of Smoked Bacon or Pork Apple Sausage ($10.50) and a Goat Cheese ‘n Spinach omelet ($11.50) which also had artichoke hearts in it.

Everyone enjoyed their selection and the omelet looked especially tempting but the amount of egg involved would keep me going for a month. A hearty eater is definitely needed for this option! The servings are large and one does feel as though it’s a good deal for the price.

Ambiance: bustling that morning. Décor seems dated but then we’ve been going there since it was Leschi Lake Café and so it feels like home where one should never change the furniture (at least in this house).

Bluwater Bistro

102 Lakeside Ave., 206.328.2233

Mon–Fri: 11am–2am; opens at 9am on Sat & Sun

~Diane Snell

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