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The Devil Is in the Details

At our September 6 Leschi meeting, John Barber led a Q & A discussion of the moorage contract at the two Leschi Marinas and Lakewood. He invited Paula Hoff from Seattle Parks and Dwight Jones from Marina Management to answer both John’s submitted questions and questions from the attendees.

The lease is a 20-year lease, which can be extended every ten years for another ten years.

Paula began the discussion by saying there was a “soft” transition from now to January 1 when the lease actually takes effect. During that time, tenant records will be transferred and design will begin. The changes are expected to take about 1-½ years. There will be no increase in moorage rates until construction is done.

She answered John’s questions as well as she could. The Environmental Impact Statement has already been started and should be well underway in January.

King County does not test water at marinas, only public beaches.

There are four live-aboards, two in the North Marina and two in the South Marina.

They do plan to have pump out facilities on site. Moorage will not exclude speedboats. The exact number of slips is not yet known.

There will be space for transient moorage at the South Marina where folks can park and eat on shore.

Boats 30 ft. and under pay $12 per foot.

Marina Management is responsible for all maintenance.

Parks is putting in $3.8 million for the South Marina breakwater.

At this point, Dwight Jones was introduced. Dwight said he is part of a family business (Foss) that operates three marinas in Tacoma…from a fishing marina to recreational marinas. There are opportunities for public involvement and they want involvement with the boat owners. The company has won every environmental prize that is out there. They will not tolerate discharge into the water.