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Halloween Spooktacular Needs Volunteers

We have used a wonderful tent for our Spooktacular the past several years. It’s well decorated with Halloween images and has straw bales stacked for the gremlins to sit on and have their pictures taken in costume. Most impressive are the entire families who come in costume. We serve hot apple cider and donut holes as well as the usual trick or treat goodies. We hand out maps of participating merchants so you can head directly to those stores.

Unfortunately, this year, although our dentist, Dr. Mike, has offered his tent and provided some person power to erect it, we do not have the person power to take it down at 6pm. The tent needs to be emptied of the straw bales and two tables and then taken down and folded for the next event.

IF there is any way you can be there at 6pm to help with this project, please contact Leschi News or let Yousef in Leschi Market know. If we can possibly line up four persons, we can do it again this year!

~Diane Snell

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