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Executive Board meeting minutes

May 10, 2017—Attending: Tracy Bier, Janet Oliver, Jeff Floor, John Barber and Diane Snell. (Yuki on vacation)

Treasury: Janet brought samples of the Excel sheet she is working on to capture the input and outflow of the funds. Restricted funds were not up to date when she took over, but Janet has entered all the information for 2016 and we now have some working totals. Discussion re: Cherry Street Corridor fund. No one knows why we have this fund; Diane to call Thurston to see if he knows and if not, we will need to make a decision on where to put those funds. Without a fund chair and any goals, it doesn’t make sense to keep it open. There is approximately $10,000 in the general fund and $20,000 in the restricted funds, not counting the CD for the Brenton fund, which is about $11.000.

Jeff spoke on the meeting the previous night on the Vulcan plan for Promenade 23. Attendees were mostly in favor of the plan except for the gate, which will close off access to 24th street. This had been an important request from the neighborhood as 24th street has been blocked by the Red Apple store for many years. Jeff noted that the planned townhouses would not be gated, just the large apartment building. Jeff reported that Vulcan is sending out an RFP to grocers on the need for temporary access to food during the construction phase.

The city holds a HALA meeting on May 16, 6-8pm, at Washington Hall on 14th just north of Yesler.

LURC received a grant from the Seattle Foundation to pay for what are now out-of-pocket expenses for this volunteer group.

Jeff said he had not received a response to his email on the Ultimate Frisbee and will have to follow up some other way.

John: A major work party is planned for June 17 at the String of Pearls to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the project. There will be food!! Two pruning workshops are planned with Plant Amnesty.

Diane: newsletter deadline May 16.

Donation suggestions: LCC received a $500 donation to use where most needed. Diane suggested giving it to the Leschi Natural Area to make sure that their contract for EarthCorps work is covered, leaving them with a small nest egg for plants, rocks, etc. Attendees voted unanimously in favor of this donation. This day was Give Big day and there were several community groups listed; Diane suggested we try this next year. Donation policy to be addressed next month when Yuki is back.

LCC insurance was rewritten and basic policy is very similar to what it has been. There were minor changes in limits. We discussed and decided not to accept the Terrorism rider as it calls for a $100,000 deductible. Our agent had recommended director liability; decision to complete form and see what cost is before deciding.

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