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So, You Wanna be President?

The Leschi Community Council has an opening! And it’s fairly effortless... no months of campaigning, no silly birther issues (birth certificate NOT required), no income tax forms to submit, no pesky Secret Service following you around and no need to move to the other Washington!

What is needed: either you have to reside in Leschi or work in Leschi, and that you are able to attend 2 meetings a month: the General meeting on the first Wednesday of the month and the Executive Board meeting which meets within a week after the general meeting. Tradition has it that the President submits a brief message for the monthly Leschi News September through June. This is negotiable; it could be rotated among the Board members.

We also need a Vice-President and here are the job duties according to the Leschi CC bylaws:


The President shall: preside over all meetings of the Council and of the Executive Board; appoint executive board members; and be an ex-officio member of all committees except the Nominating Committee.


The Vice-President shall: assist the president as needed; perform the duties of president in the president’s absence; and act as chairperson of the Nominating Committee.

We will vote at the June 7th meeting!

Ordinarily we would hold an election in May, but we must publish notice of an election two month in advance and we learned of the impending vacancies too late for notice in March.

If you are interested in either of these positions, please contact Yuki Igarashi at or

~Diane Snell

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