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That’s Amore

We recently went to That’s Amore for one of our family birthday gatherings and given the size of the family, it’s always a challenge to get reservations, but we were fortunate! Italian food had sounded comforting to us in this dark and wet winter and That’s Amore took us in…all nine of us. We have had celebrations there in the past, but I really had forgotten just how good it is!

We tried two appetizers: the Bruschetta and the Antipasto platter. The Antipasto platter was very good, with nicely roasted veggies and fruit in addition to the usual salamis, cheese, olives, but the Bruschetta was fantastic. Grilled Tuscan bread topped with marinated tomatoes, onions, garlic, balsamic vinegar…I could have stopped there, but of course I was sharing with eight others, so that left some room for an entrée.

Son-in-law John chose the wine: a Sangiovase Merlot; it was excellent. I ordered the Grigliata di Melanzane and it was fantastic and also a very generous serving. Half of it came home for next night’s dinner. One thoughtful note: the staff had added a steak knife in case the eggplant skin proved difficult but that didn’t happen. It was baked to perfection!