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Executive Board meeting minutes

February 8, 2017‑minutes approved by email

Yuki’s report

Treasurer position; given Amy’s resignation, we need to announce the position open in the newsletter. Diane shared some ideas for relieving the burden on the treasurer by appointing some chairs to take some of the responsibilities of the treasurer, i.e. managing the ads, the restricted funds, the events, etc.

Yuki did approve these chairs: an Ad Manager, a Restricted Funds Coordinator and an Events Coordinator to handle the income and outflow for community events like the Art Walk.

Yuki also suggested making the offices a one-year term instead of a two-year term. There was not agreement on this as there is a learning curve with some of the positions. An officer can always choose to resign after one year.

Ad Hoc committee

John, Tracy and Diane to meet at Tracy’s on the 15th to review meeting attendance lists for possible helpers.


Yousef was unable to attend. Diane reported difficulty signing in to add the amended bylaws to the online document.